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Payroll outsourcing in Poland

We offer HR and payroll outsourcing in Poland: payroll – archiving – digitization- access online

The scope of the payment and administration services:

Standard services related to administration include:

  • Providing of all personal files according to the rules – regulation from 28 of May 1996,
  • Day-to-day running and completing personal documentation
  • Preparing documents necessary to start an employment relationship, change employments conditions and others required by the Labour Code
  • Registering the customer’s employees in the ZUS Social Insurance Company (ZUS ZUA, ZUS ZIUA, ZUS ZWUA documents)
  • registration and monitoring the employees  working time
  • Collecting documentation related to employee absence periods (holidays, maternity leaves, another leaves and other documentation justifying their absence)
  • Full management of employment contracts and civil law agreements (contracts of mandate, contracts for specific work, management contracts, notices)
  • Monitoring of validity the BHP traings
  • Monitoring and preapering the  relegations for the medical investigations  (pre-, period and control)
    Assistance and cooperation with the Customer as regards ZUS, PIP or Tax Office inspections

    Standard payroll outsourcing services include:

  • Service of the payroll and personal administration
  • Calculating remuneration in compliance with binding legal provisions and customer remuneration rules (main payroll, additional payroll and advance payments)
  • Preparing monthly reports on collected income tax withholdings at a customer’s request
  • Preparing the payment lists including the information for employees concerning the amount of remuneration, social security deductions as well as income tax withholdings (the so-called payment slips)
  • Preparing and delivering ZUS DRA social insurance statements and reports issued to the customer’s name to the Social Insurance Office (ZUS)
  • Preparing annual income tax returns PIT4R and PIT8A
  • Preparing annual income information for employees (PIT-11) or annual tax settlements (PIT-40)
  • Issuing employment and earnings certificates (Rp-7)
  • Preparing documents for determining the entitlement to social security benefits (Z-3, N-7)
    preparing and sending PFRON statements
  • GUS reports related to remuneration
  • Payment of the salary  in electronic form or on the paper.  The bank transfres are implemented according to the
  • Customer requires. If we are authorized by the Customer we are able to make transfer to the bank directly from the subaccount.

    Another forms of the employment:

  • Preparing and providing the contracts for specific work, management contracts and etc.
  • Preaparing the payment lists
  • Registering in the ZUS Social Insurance Company, according to the rules
  • Reporting to the Customer

    Making reports connected to the service of payment and administration.